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Rich in ideas, quick and flexible? Or focused, with an eye for detail and foresighted? With us you don't have to decide between these. A well-structured organisation and a professional project management structure help us to focus on creative, inspiring and surprising solutions.

With us, the highest quality, punctuality and uncompromising adherence to budgetary requirements go hand in hand with openness, imagination and the courage to experiment. We achieve success through the well-considered analysis of all possibilities.

We offer a broad range of services, with multifaceted marketing strategies. However, the concrete formation of our line is clear: aesthetic, stylish solutions, which present your properties in their best light.


Whether for sale or for lease: every property is unique and deserves to be marketed individually. A keen intuition and communication tailored to the target audience are essential for successful positioning on the market.


We will carry out a comprehensive analysis in order to determine how your property can be sold at a profit within a foreseeable timeframe. We will determine the most promising approach based on the results of this study. Personal contact with you is extremely valuable in this regard, in order to enable your needs and wishes to be incorporated into the sales strategy in the best way possible.

Initial letting

Sound preparation is essential in order to secure an optimal initial lease. We develop the branding solution and market entry with reference to a thorough market, location and target group analysis.

Home Staging

We create mood worlds in combination with home staging and interior design. In doing so, we stage the room, material and light appropriately and create living spaces that make them desirable. 


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URBAN Office in Zürichdübendorf

Workbase for design enthusiasts.

The three exclusive office boxes with a lounge have been built in the newly expanded premises, with a unique ambience and a multitude of possible uses.. 

Here you can combine everyday work with joie de vivre, pursue your goals in a stylish environment and inspire your customers. 

The trendy Zwicky area is popular, there are various restaurants and shops to find, it is very well developed in therms of public and motorised transport and has enough visitor parking spaces available.

We are looking for subtenants for two office boxes, the lounge we usetogether.

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Initial letting booklet



Property Referencs

Discover our choice in significant properties.

Selection sales success

Terrace House, Kloten

House with expansion potential, Schwerzenbach

Art Nouveau apartment, Zurich

Vintage apartment, Kloten

Design apartment, Bassersdorf

Half-timbered house, Glattfelden

Selection lease success

Initial letting
LAGO BLU – 7 exclusive apartments, Kilchberg ZH

LOFTHOUSE – 11 loft apartments, Zurich

Initial letting
LAMPITZ – 33 apartments, Dietlikon

Initial letting
FLOW – 50 apartments, Wädenswil

Initial letting
BLOOM – 72 apartments, Dübendorf

Initial letting
Loft apartment, Zurich

Initial letting
Luxury apartment, Zurich

Initial letting
8 apartments, commercial space, Wädenswil

Desing Office, Zurich

Creative Atelier, Thalwil

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We can advise you concerning all issues relating to real estate with personal dedication, professionalism and creativity. You will benefit from our long-standing professional experience, discretion, sensitivity and passion.

Our broad network and excellent contacts throughout the sector enable us to advise you on issues relating to real-estate such as project management or interior design.

"I decided to found MUSCI IMMOBILIEN GMBH thanks to my passion for properties – the dream of a beautiful home, which we all cherish."

Irene P. Musci
Owner and Managing Director

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